How to Setup Ripcord

The process of setting up Ripcord should take you no more than about 10 mins. It needs to 'speak' with a bunch of different things to work correctly so we have a step by step wizard that will walk you though the setup process.

Step 1: Accept Your Email Invite
Your admin will send you an invite click the blue accept invite button to start the Ripcord setup process & it will bring you to this screen, enter your name, (emails is pre-filled), cell phone and enter a password.

Step 2: Accept Your Email Invite
Read the overview and hit the green next button. If you skip the onboarding process Ripcord will not function. You can resume the onboarding process at a later date as well.

Step 3: Download Our Chrome Extension
Hit the green download button to get our Chrome extension added to your browser. This extension will work in Microsoft Edge as well, but we recommend Chrome. The Chrome extension is the heart of the Ripcord platform & will be the way Ripcord sends your notifications.

Once you click open, you will be brought to Google then just click Add to Chrome in the top right.

After you click Add to Chrome you will be redirected back to the installation wizard on Ripcord. A quick advanced tip is to organize your Chrome Extensions so that the Ripcord icon is always visible so it's super easy to access your Ripcord dashboard. Do this by click the pin icon next to the extension.

Step 4: Select Your Calendar
By syncing your calendar you enable Ripcord to know your availability for taking & coaching calls/meetings. It also allows for easy 2-way sync of scheduled events.

Step 5: Choose Your Auto Join Preference
With your calendar synced we can automatically join your calls & meetings that you create. Events that are NOT created by you will always be set to manual join. If you're a trainee we recommend you set this to all calls & meetings. If you are a coach you may want this on manual, which means you have to add to your event in your calendar or toggle it on manually.

Step 6: Select Your Availability 
Your availability will dictate when people can book into your calendar as well as when you are available to take calls or coaching requests.

Step 7: Select Your Meeting Provider
Ripcord any easily join all the leading meeting providers to record the audio of your meetings to share with your team. To sync your provider please your meeting provider from the list. There are a few tricks & tips for having meeting providers function properly which we address in a separate help document.

For this example we will use Zoom since it's the most common. All you need to do is paste your Zoom Personal Meeting Room invite information into the box and we will automatically find all the settings need for the Ripcord bot to join your meetings. 

Step 8: Select the Method for Meeting Booking
Ripcord will default to using our internal booking calendar, but if your are a heavy user of Calendly you can have Ripcord use your Calendly URL instead.

Step 9: Account Preferences
Please upload your image so the team can easily see who they are interacting with, also chose the phone preference for inbound and outbound calls.

Step 10: Third Party Apps
If you want to sync with any of our third party apps you can do it here, or you can also do this step later..

Step 11: Watch the Quickstart Video
The last step is to watch the Ripcord quick start videos.