How to Get Ripcord to Join Your Calls & Webinars

Ripcord's powerful real time collaboration system is designed to fit in to the normal way you currently do business. That is the meetings you make such as Zoom & the phone calls you take on both your cell phone & desktop headset can share into the Ripcord platform.

There are 10 ways to have Ripcord record a call or a meeting.

1. Initiate a Call from the Ripcord Dashboard
Click the green phone icon in the top right. Then enter the number you wish to dial. Dial from cell will call you on your phone, than dial the number automatically. Dial from desktop will use your computers headset to make the phone call.

2. Initiate a Webinar (Zoom, Goto-Meeting etc) from Dashboard
Just click any of the logos of your synced webinar services to initiate a new webinar with the Ripcord Bot automatically joining the meeting to record, transcribe and share the meeting with your team.

3. Schedule a Future Call or Webinar
Schedule a call or a meeting that will automatically ensure both parties have the meeting added to their calendar and get a reminder before the event to confirm, cancel, or reschedule. Reduce your no shows & ensure even you know show up for the meeting.

4. Automatically Join a Call or Webinar from Your Work Calendar

Ripcord can automatically sync with your Google or Microsoft calendar & find any meeting(webinar) or phone call you have scheduled. Based on your preferences it will automatically turn on the Ripcord flow of joining, recording, transcribing, sharing & facilitating the attendance of that event. You have full control over these settings allowing all events, meetings only, calls only or none, thus only activating if you manually active the event on the Ripcord dashboard.

5. Book Into Your Sharable Ripcord Calendar
Ripcord provides you with your own 'Calendly' style public calendar that uses your availability to allow the public to book into your calendar and create events inside of Ripcord. You can click at the top of your Ripcord dashboard to copy this URL or open your mail client with the URL pre-populated. 

6. Highlight & Right Click ANY Phone Number on ANY Website.
The Chrome Extension enables you to highlight ANY phone number on ANY website and right click to open the Ripcord context menu that allows you to make calls & send text messages with ease.

7. Dial Lists from the Autodialer
Upload your list (csv) or sync with Pipedrive to have your contacts loaded into Ripcord. From here you can automatically dial through you list with ease, leave notes, text messages and voicemails during your dialing process. Ripcord is one of the only dialers to have auto sms & auto voice mail as options in your dialing flow.

8. Automate Calls or Schedule Calls/Meetings from Zapier
You can automatically trigger a oubtound call or text message from ANY 3rd party software using Zapier. Great for scheduling demos right from a Facebook ad or initiating calls to new leads from your CRM.

9. A Teammate Calls the Ripcord Smart Number.
By just dialing your Ripcord smart number you can start a new recorded call. This is a great feature for the sales person on the go that doesn't even need to login to Ripcord to start a recording. Dial the number than 3-way in another call or even put your phone on speakerphone to record an in person meeting.

10. The General Public Calls Your Ripcord Number 
If someone calls your Ripcord number it will use the inbound routing settings to route this call to the teammate of your choosing. Options available are Forward, Sequential, Simultaneous, Round Robin & you can even automatically text message the caller if your team doesn't pick up. This option is great to update your current IVR to just forward your Sales option to the Ripcord smart number.