How Does Ripcord Reduce No Shows

Ripcord uses smart AI text messaging to get your appointments to show up. Our unique system of appointment reminder, confirmation and follow up decreases your no shows by by 300%.

For all calls/meetings you have the option to:

  1.  Remind & Confirm - Which will text message the attendee and get their explicit feedback on if they will be joining your meeting. If they respond Yes they will get a confirmation email & you will get a push notification & email that they confirmed. If they respond No, they will be sent your calendar for them to reschedule. Your dashboard has simple gray (schedule), yellow (waiting on confirmation), orange(reschedule), red(cancelled), green(confirmed) dots on each even to display the current status.
  2. Confirm -  Will just text message them reminding them about your meeting. It will not ask for confirmation.
  3. No Reminder or Confirmation - If you are using Calendly or some other outside system for your calendar even reminders you can totally turn off all of Ripcords reminders.

Here is an example text message conversation that resulted in a kept appointment:

How to adjust these settings:

  1.  Manually Added Calls & Meetings - When manually adding an event from your dashboard the last step will be to choose the reminder settings. You can even configure the specific reminder text message content.

  2. Automatically Added Calls & Meetings - If you have Ripcord automatically joining your calls or meetings from your Google/Microsoft Calendar you can set the default reminder process in your settings>preferences.