What Can I Do In a LIVE Call/Webinar

There are two angles to look at live calls/webinars. One is the angle is that ofthe trainee or the person making the call or initiating the webinar. The other is the person listening LIVE to the call webinar or the coach. We will start with the trainee.

Available Actions for Trainees in a Live Call Meeting

  1.  Mute/ Unmute - All Calls (except desktop calls) will start in muted mode so you don't have feedback.
  2.  Keypad - Brings up the keyboard incase you need to navigate any IVR prompts.
  3.  Hang up - Ends the calls.
  4.  Share - Allows you to share the link to the life call with anyone (even outside of Ripcord).
  5.  Bookmark - Easily save a part of this call for you or for your team to listen to in the future.
  6.  SOS - With one click you can request anyone on your team that is available or even specific people to join your call. Ripcord will dial their cell phone and ask if they have time to join your call and assist.
  7.  Notes - At the bottom of the page you can interact with your calls and team mates notes by typing any messages.

Teammate interaction is a big part of your successful usage of Ripcord. Please keep an eye out in your calls & meetings for any red pulsing messages. These are teammates writing you to give you pointers on your LIVE call/meeting. If you have two monitors we recommend putting Ripcord on one & your meeting software on the other.

Available Actions for Coaches in a Live Call Meeting

As as coach there are two main ways you can interact. You can highlight specific transcriptions & interact with those specific messages or you can leave notes or whisper voice messages (calls only) LIVE to the trainee using the bottom messaging bar.

  1.  Emojis - Easily leave an emoji to your teammate to let them know how this call is going.
  2.  Inline Comment - just type your inline comment so they know your feedback on a specific transcript.
  3.  Bookmark - Save this part of the call for the team to reference
  4. Sharing Link - Easy 1 click copy and paste of this exact part of this call or meeting.
  5. Alert Word - Use the content of this transcript to set up a new alert word.
  6. Notes - Leave a note giving your teammate feedback, the note will be left inline with the transcription at the point of hitting submit.
  7. Whisper (calls only) - Will leave a note & verbally speak your message to ONLY be heard by your teammate, NOT the person they are on the phone with.