How to Route Facebook Leads into Ripcord Calls or Meetings

ne of Ripcord neatest features is the ability to directly book meeting from a Facebook lead ad. This dramatically increases the sign up rate of your meetings because they can natively book right from the Facebook interface. We will show you steps to set this up.

Step 1: Make sure you have your group calendar setup. For instructions on setting up your group calendar click here. Also make sure you have a Facebook lead ad setup that has at least 5 fields Name, Email, Phone, Day of Meeting & Time of Day for Meeting. The day of meeting & time of day of meeting should be drop downs with values like Tomorrow, Next Week, Afternoon, Morning etc. The Ripcord Zap is very flexible and can accept just about anything.

Step 2: From the group calendar page click Setup Zapier. Than click accept invite & build Zap.

Step 3: Pick Facebook Lead Ad as the app & New Lead as the Trigger.

Step 4: Pick your Facebook page & select  the form you wish to sync with Ripcord. Make sure you test the form & than hit continue.

Step 5: Select Ripcord as the App Event

Step 6: Select Ripcord as the App Event & than chose Create an Event as the action event.

Step 7: Choose or login to your Ripcord account. If you haven't logged into Ripcord from Zapier it will prompt you to enter your Ripcord email and password.

Step 8:  Setup your action by mapping the fields from your Facebook Lead ad to the fields we need in Ripcord.

  1. Event Type - Choose the type of event either a call or the meeting provider that you use
  2. Calendar Type - Allows you to book into your calendar (Individual) or the company calendar (company).
  3. Enter Phone Number - Map this field to the phone number field you built in your Facebook Lead Ad.
  4. Enter Your Name - Map this field to the customers name field you built in your Facebook Lead Ad.
  5. Enter Email - Map this to the email field you built in your Facebook Lead Ad.
  6. Whisper Text - This is a general comments field you can either map from any extra questions you ask in the Facebook Lead Ad or just general info like "This lead came from our Facebook Lead Ad about Product X" This will be announced to your sales person before the call/meeting so they have context on the call/meeting.
  7. Enter Preferred Day - Map this to the Facebook Lead Ad dropdown that has them indicate the day of the meeting. Our system is VERY flexible we can accept almost anything. Including a date like Feb 2, 2001, tomorrow, 2 days from now, next week etc. We recommend when building the Facebook Lead ad to only give them a few options such as tomorrow, 2 days form now, etc)
  8. Enter your Preferred Availability - Map this to the time of date you ask for in your Facebook Lead Ad. Again we can accept almost anything but we recommend a drop down with three options (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

Step 9: Hit continue & test your Zap. If everything looks good just turn your Zap on and your ready to automatically inject Facebook Lead Ads into your teams calendar to take advantage of all of Ripcord cool features such as our AI meeting reminders, transcription & coaching.

Allowable Inputs:

For time of day

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • evening

For day of the week

  • monday
  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday
  • friday
  • saturday
  • sunday
  • now
  • today
  • next week
  • last year
  • the 15th
  • next Tuesday
  • 3pm Wednesday
  • in 30 minutes
  • in half a year
  • five years ago
  • yesterday at 4pm
  • half an hour ago
  • an hour from now
  • 6:30pm in three days
  • the 4th of July
  • next week Thursday
  • the end of February
  • two weeks from today
  • the end of next week
  • next Saturday at 10am
  • the first day of 2013
  • four days after Monday
  • March 15th of last year
  • two days after tomorrow
  • the last day of February
  • Sunday, January 15th 2012
  • the beginning of this month
  • the 2nd Tuesday of November
  • 5-2002
  • 8/25/1978
  • 8-25-1978
  • 8.25.1978
  • 2012-12-31
  • 2016-Mar-18
  • 22 August
  • April 2012
  • June 3rd, 2005
  • 1 Dec. 2016
  • 17760523T024508+0830
  • 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00
  • 08-25-1978 11:42:32.488am
  • Wed, 03 Jul 2008 08:00:00 EST

Example Facebook Ad