We know everyone uses Slack, because welp Slack is just pretty awesome. That's why the team at Ripcord has build a few integrations that allow Ripcord data to be easily shared inside Slack. There are two main use cases for hooking Ripcord up to Slack.

  1. Get Call Notifications - You can easily be notified of new calls & meetings your team has started by using the Slack notification system. This is great for mobile users that what a native push notification feel, so they stay on top of any & all notifications. Also using the Slack's snooze feature it's very easy to choose when you want notifications.
  2. Share Transcripts with Entire Team - Your whole company many not be on the Ripcord platform and we get that. So we make it super easy for you to share all the transcripts into a Slack channel so that anyone that wants to view the transcripts can. Super duper simple. Ripcord even takes any notes left on the transcript and brings it back into Ripcord so that the initiator of the call/meeting can see the feedback. 

To setup Slack click the Gear icon in the bottom left then goto Integrations then click "Add To Slack".