How Leverage Zapier for Automation has a full suite of Zapier functions aka Zaps that allows Ripcord to interact with almost any software/websites. For example you can have your team automatically call a new number added to a Google spreadsheet. You could automatically update the notes of your CRM with the disposition of the call. You could trigger a new call or even book a scheduled meeting from a Facebook lead ad. The sky is the limit. We will go though the options you have in Zapier.

Currently our Zapier integration is Private and can be accessed using this link:


  1. Call Started - This will be triggered whenever a new call recording is started in Ripcord, it passes all the call info along with it including the parties on the call.
  2. New SMS Received - When ever a new inbound text message comes in this trigger will happen
  3. Call Finished - Whenever a call or a meeting is finish all the data including the emotions, recording, transcription and much more is shared.
  4. A note is added to a call - This is triggered whenever a teammate adds a note after a call is over. This is great to update your CRM with these notes to keep all your records up to date


  1. Make a Call Using Outbound Routing Methods - This will trigger a call to using your outbound routing methods to ensure your team picks up and connects to the number you wish to dial
  2. Send SMS - This will automatically send a text message to the number you select with the message passed in the payload.
  3. Transcribe Recorded File - This allows you to send a MP3 or WAV file to Ripcord to process like it was a new call. Great for post processed meeting calls from your telephone or meeting systems.
  4. Create an Event - A great way to automatically schedule into the teams calendar using plain text words like "tomorrow" or "morning" so you can easily take things like Facebook lead ads and turn them into scheduled meetings.
  5. Make a Direct Call - Calls a number using the Ripcord smart number and connects directly to a teammate.


  1. Find Calls - Query the Ripcord database for a call id using a phone number string.
  2. Find Call Details by Passing it's ID - Will return the full call details about a call including the recording, emotions, notes and transcript.
  3. Find Recent Call - Will return an array of call ids to a specified number.