How to Configure Call Routing

Ripcord gives you a ton of flexibility when it comes to routing both inbound and outbound calls. Inbound calls are calls made directly to your Ripcord number. Outbound calls are calls initiated by our API or by our Zaps.

You have 5 options for routing your calls both inbound & outbound.

  1. Forward Call - This will directly call the phone number or Ripcord user, no accepting is necessary it just forwards.
  2. Sequential Flow - This will call a series of Ripcord user in the order in which you specify. They will have to answer their phone & press 1 to accept the call.
  3. Simultaneous Ring - This will call all selected Ripcord users at once. The first person to pick up and press 1 will get the call.
  4. Round Robin - This will call your selected Ripcord users in sequence, however each new call a new user will be given first chance to have first 'dibbs' on the call.
  5. Text Message - Use this option if you don't want to have anyone speak to a person but have a text message be sent in place of a call.

Extra options:

  1.  Preventing calls from going to voicemail will make sure if a team members voicemail picks up it doesn't 'count' as them answering the call
  2. Text message after no answer is a great way to have a modern voice mail where the caller or the callee will get a text message if none of your team picks up.