How to Use the Autodialer

The Ripcord Auto Dialer allows you to dial through your list of calls with ease. This article will touch on the data sources you can use to power the dialer & the features you have during your dialer session.

How do i get to the dialer? Well that's an easy one just click the dialer button in the top right, 3rd from right green icon.

Loading Data into the Dialer - Click the "Add New Data Source" button in the top right of the dialer window.

  1. Upload CSV - You can easily upload and map the columns of a CSV (NOT Excel make sure your export as CSV). Once you choose CSV, select the file than it will ask you to map the columns. Make sure you map all the columns you can, contact name & phone number are mandatory, the rest are just suggested. Than name the file & decide if you want the share the file with the rest of the team.

  2. Sync with Pipedrive - If you use Pipedrive as your CRM you can automatically pull all your contacts into Ripcord. It will also have 2-way sync of your call notes, transcription & disposition back to Pipedrive. To sync just click the Pipedrive icon & enter your Pipedrive credentials. After clicking Allow & Install, you will have a few new lists added to your Ripcord dialer based on the tags you have segmented you Pipedrive contacts.

Dialer Lists - This will show you all the lists you have available to dial. From here you can see how far along you are on the list, resume, start over, update & delete the list. To resume a dialing session make sure you hit the blue Resume button to open the dialer window. 

Dialer Session - One each dialer session you start/resume you will have a few options to set. 

  1. Request Coaching - Toggle this on if you want any coaches in your organization to be notified of successful calls, so they can take part. IE. Calls over 2 minutes long.
  2. Auto SMS - Toggle this on if you want Ripcord to leave a text message when the call is over. You have two sms templates, one for calls that are picked up & calls that goto voicemail or are not picked up.
  3. Auto Voicemail - Ripcord uses AI/Machine learning to listen for the "beep" & automatically leaves your pre-recorded voicemail, so you don't have to wait on the line & leave the voicemail manually.

After hitting next it will show you exactly the next people your dialing....Hit the blue Start Dialing button to go live and start dialing your list.

Live Call Options - During a live call you have a few options to interact with the call, MAKE SURE you click the big green speak icon when you want to unmute yourself and take the call live. 

  1. Notes - to leave a quick note on the call, this is saved in our database and pushed via Zapier to your CRM.
  2. SMS - to leave a manual text message to this number with easy access to your saved sms templates for easy sending.
  3. Call Disposition - if the number was bad, or they don't want to be called again make sure you select the proper disposition.
  4. Unmute/Go Live - this will allow you to start speaking & go live on this call.
  5. Manual Voicemail  - if you want to manually play the recorded voicemail on file.
  6. Exit - will end you dialer session.
  7. Skip - will skip the next number & dial the number after that.
  8. Next - will dial the next number in your list.